Why is GE leaving?

January 13, 2016

The news that GE is leaving Connecticut and moving its headquarters to Boston is devastating for our entire state.

GE’s statement announcing why they’re leaving Connecticut is proof that this decision was a direct result of the two largest tax increases in state history, as I explained in a statement to the press:

“GE’s statement confirms that after the largest tax increase in state history in 2011, GE started its plan to leave the state of Connecticut. After the second largest tax increase in June 2015, GE initiated their formal review to look at other options.

“This is proof positive that the Democrat majority’s fiscal plans are failures. Until we make structural changes to Connecticut’s budget, I fear that many more businesses will continue to leave this state. Any other conclusion, spin, or rational demonstrates a complete loss of touch with reality.”

The people of Connecticut deserve an apology from Democrat lawmakers who mocked companies like GE and dismissed complaints from concerned citizens when they questioned the failing state budget.

Even more than apologies, our state deserves action.

GE made their decision because they, like so many other employers and state residents, are sick and tired of the unpredictability of Connecticut’s financial health.

That needs to change. We need to restore predictability and sustainability to our state.

To read my full reaction to GE’s decision click here.

What do you think about GE’s decision to leave? Let your state leaders know:

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