Slowing the Descent Down the Rabbit Hole at CT DMV

January 8, 2016

After 5 months of failures at the CT DMV Governor Malloy has finally acknowledged that there is a problem.

So far as the CT DMV has tried to implement their new $25 million computer system…

  • Wait times tripled
  • It takes 3 months to schedule a driver’s test.
  • Cars are getting unregistered due to backlog.
  • Cars are getting unregistered due to tax communication errors.
  • Vehicles are held hostage for fees due to errors.
  • Private insurance agents are being blamed for DMV failures.
  • The CT DMV predicts more issues with re-registering vehicles that have been unregistered for a period of time.
  • Hours and sometimes days of residents time is being wasted to fix these issues

The majority party has just now agreed that an investigation of the CT DMV should take place and they have joined me and other Republican legislators in calling for an audit of the CT DMV. However, I will continue to work to ensure the audit focuses on the implementation of this software and of the 3M Company that has failed before.

It is inconceivable that the CT DMV did not perform due diligence in vetting this vendor that oversaw a massive failure in overhauling the Kansas DMV. A review of the previous projects this company had performed should have been done prior to selection and implementation of their program, not after they may have caused so many problems for Connecticut residents. Seeing how many issues the State of Kansas faced in contracting with this firm, what had changed that CT DMV felt it prudent to enter into a contract with them.

For now the CT DMV will begin reimbursing residents for the unjust costs that they have endured due to vehicle registrations being wrongly revoked. To learn how to collect refunds go to:

I would like to thank all of the residents that called and emailed my office with their issues, it was with your help that we will get to the bottom of what is happening at the CT DMV. But this is not the end and we will need to keep up the pressure to ensure that the CT DMV CIVLS upgrade is audited and the hardworking taxpayers of Connecticut are made if it is found that vendor issues caused these failures.

Please continue to send any issues you have with CT DMV to my office so that we can ensure these issues are fixed by the CT DMV sooner rather than later.

Sen. Toni Boucher is the Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee. You can contact her office 800-842-1421 or email her [email protected]