Sen. Boucher responds to Transportation Finance Panel’s call to raise $93 billion in Taxes.

January 15, 2016

Sen. Toni Boucher, Senate Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, released the following statement in reaction to Gov. Malloy and his Transportation Finance Panel’s release a of major report which recommends the installation of tolls on Connecticut’s highways, new taxes and new fees.

“They want a gas tax hike, a sales tax hike, and higher fees. And they want tolls in Connecticut. How predictable. Taxing the public is always the first place they look. We’ve endured the two highest tax hikes in state history in the past five years. Again and again, taxpayers in Connecticut are asked to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets. When does it end?

“No wonder we are losing jobs and people to more financially attractive states. We saw a prime and painful example of that this week with General Electric.

“A whopping 80 percent of Connecticut residents oppose tolls. Republicans put forth a transportation improvement plan that does not raise taxes, does not include tolls, sets priorities, and fixes what we already have in place.

“I certainly hope the overtaxed public can see why Hartford Democrats are refusing to take a vote on these extremely regressive taxes and tolls until after the November elections. Make no mistake: your taxes will most certainly be hiked next year and tolls will be installed on state highways if Hartford Democrats get their way.

“So, Connecticut, are you fed up? I am. Have you had enough? So have I. I will fight this proposal tooth and nail, and I will need the public’s help in the weeks and months ahead if we are going to defeat this. Contact me at [email protected] or call me at 800 842-1421.”