Moody Blues in Connecticut

January 22, 2016

The attached CT Mirror article explains why Moody’s Investors Service sees a correlation between General Electric’s move and Connecticut’s ongoing fiscal and economic woes.

At the State Capitol, I will continue working to rid Connecticut of these “Moody Blues” by working to create an environment where all businesses and residents can thrive.

Achieving that goal will require spending restraint, pro-growth policies, lower tax burdens and structural budget changes which reduce the size and scope of Connecticut state government.

  • Our state budget is already springing leaks.
  • We face multi-billion dollar deficits in future years.
  • Our massive long-term debt looms large.
  • A variety of new tax hikes continue to be discussed by the majority party.
  • Widespread economic uncertainty has businesses of all sizes on edge.

I’ll be counting on you to help in the effort to get our state back on a sustainable path and chase the blues away.

Do not hesitate to raise your voices frequently by contacting elected officials at the State Capitol, writing letters to newspapers, and demanding the disciplined state government you deserve.

Contact me on this or any issue at [email protected] or at 860-240-0068.

The legislative session starts in less than two weeks.

Let’s get to work!