Local Lawmakers Visit Site of New Wallingford Train Station

January 7, 2016

Outside the chainlink fence overlooking the construction site that will be Wallingford’s new train station, from left, John E. Bernick, D.O.T. assistant rail administrator, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, and State Senator Len Fasano, 34th District, (Wallingford, East and North Haven and Durham) get their bearings of the area that will become a commuter rail stop linking Springfield, Mass. with New Haven. The rail portion of the project is expected to be completed in 2018.

State Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano of North Haven stood alongside Redeker and Wyman as they looked over the Wallingford station construction site. He said he supports the project and believes it will be an economic benefit for towns along the route. But he remains opposed to Malloy’s $100 billion, 30-year transportation renewal proposal, saying it’s too expensive. Fasano said he opposes new taxes or highway tolls to pay for transportation upgrades. (Full article available from the Hartford Courant)