Blame game as a political strategy: Never be responsible for anything that goes wrong, bad decisions or actions you take.

January 29, 2016

By Sen. Toni Boucher

This administration has been in office and has been directing the state’s finances for over five years. Its party has held control of the state legislature throughout this time and for many decades before. To blame a predecessor for the dysfunction, mismanagement, and failure of the CT DMV is astounding.

Commissioner Ayala may not have been able to manage the DMV effectively, but he took ownership of the failure. The administration refuses to do even that much.

The Governor has also blamed his tax increases, the two largest in state history, on his predecessors, rather than looking inwardly at his own administration’s culpable tax and spend policies.

Enough is enough. The Governor is well into his second term. The state is in poor fiscal health and getting worse, with billion dollar projected deficits well into the future. Meanwhile, Connecticut drivers are forced to deal with a multitude of issues at the DMV. Governor Jodi Rell has been out of office since 2010, to lay the blame for these issues at her feet is an astonishing denial.

Senator Toni Boucher, Ranking Member Transportation Committee

Sen. Toni Boucher can be contacted at her office 800-842-1421 or email her [email protected]