Your Money and Why I Voted “No”

December 8, 2015

I hear it from you all the time.

From New Canaan to Ridgefield to Bethel, your questions are the same.

  • You ask me, “What is the matter with our state lawmakers up in Hartford?”
  • You tell me how you are struggling to make ends meet in your small businesses.
  • You tell me how you and your families are worried and frustrated with the ever-rising cost of living in Connecticut.

We are a wonderful, beautiful state, but our state’s finances are ailing.

And those internal, chronic ailments impact all of us as taxpayers.

Today at the State Capitol, I joined with Republicans in voting “No” on the bill to “fix” our budget woes.

We need to make structural changes to the way the State of Connecticut spends YOUR money.

The bill I voted on today does not make long-term budget changes.

We need to make systemic spending changes now in order to put Connecticut back on a sustainable fiscal path.

The bill I voted on today does not do that.

The bill I voted “No” on today achieves no long-term savings that will help address the $3.6 billion out-year budget deficit.

That’s $3.6 “billion” with a “B”.

That’s a huge fiscal hole.

And you can bet that you will – once again – be asked to fill that hole with even more of your hard-earned money. (As I have informed you, proposals are already being floated to invent new Connecticut taxes, such as a “Mansion Tax”.)

Almost 40 percent of the bill of the bill I voted “No” on today diverts your taxpayer dollars from specialized funds and one-time sources.

40 percent!

Raids, fund sweeps, and gimmicks are not the answer.

I want you to know that I will continue to do all I can to persuade the decision-makers in Hartford to get honest about our state’s finances in 2016.

Many of you have said to me that these big problems require a “Verbal 2 x 4” across the heads of state legislators.

And you are absolutely right.

To right this financial ship, I will need you to raise your voices in 2016.

If we do not, we will remain on this treadmill, we will continue to see jobs and residents leave, and the red ink will continue to flow.

We’ve got to do this for future generations.

We’ve got to do this if we have any hope of saving our state.

I thank you for your continued input, I look forward to the fight ahead, and I will continue to work tirelessly to represent your views at the State Capitol.

Please send me your thoughts at [email protected] or call me at 800 842-1421.