Thomaston Legislators Speak with Constituents During Town Hall

December 1, 2015

Thomaston – State Rep. John Piscopo (R-76) and State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) recently hosted a town hall meeting at the Thomaston Town Hall to keep constituents updated on the latest happenings at the State Capitol.

The Thomaston lawmakers discussed the current state budget crisis, and answered questions from attendees about local issues concerning the community and statewide concerns.

Among the topics discussed were concerns about the state budget, keeping businesses and individuals in the state, hospital cuts, ineffectiveness of Governor Malloy, car conveyance fee, distracted driving, and where they want the direction of the state to go from here. Also of noted concern was Connecticut’s continued increase in state borrowing and spending even while the state is in deficit, and the governor’s recent cuts to the Department of Developmental services (DDS).

“Town hall meetings like this one demonstrate that our constituents are informed about the issues facing our state. People are very concerned about the increasing costs and declining availability and quality of state services and infrastructure. They are also very worried about their access to local quality health care. I appreciate that these constituents took the time to come to the event and share their concerns with us,” said Rep. Piscopo.

“Thomaston taxpayers are staying informed on the issues we are debating at the State Capitol,” said Sen. Martin. “Rep. Piscopo and I will continue to hold these open meetings in Thomaston to provide updates and to answer taxpayers’ questions. Please call us if you could not attend. We work for you, and we are here to help you and your families.”

Constituents were pleased to have the opportunity to speak frankly with their legislators, who in turn were very appreciative of the feedback and thanked the group for sharing their thoughts.

Anyone unable to attend the event but would like to speak with their legislators may do so by contacting Rep. Piscopo at 800-842-1423 or Sen. Martin at 860-240-0022.