Trump Doesn’t Speak For Republicans

December 10, 2015

Editorial as it appeared in the Hartford Courant

The Republican Party is one of inclusivity, with a message of freedom and prosperity for anyone willing to attain it. That’s why I am deeply disgusted with comments Donald Trumpmade about Muslims [Dec. 9,, “Courant To GOP: Dump Trump”].

That said, I think Republican National Chairman Reince Preibus, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Marco Rubio, etc. all did a fine job making the same point. Clearly, Trump’s comments don’t represent our party.

The Courant’s demands that Connecticut Republicans also weigh in are unwarranted. As state Senate minority leader, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to proactively issue statements on any presidential candidate. That being said, when asked I’ve denounced past statements made by Mr. Trump. Am I now supposed to respond to every outrageous statement? If so, we’re going to have to talk two or three times a day.

Associating all Republicans with Trump’s comments unless we say otherwise is incendiary. It also legitimizes his rhetoric and gives him more of the attention he seeks. If The Courant wants to combat bigoted statements, unwarranted linking of state leaders to inflammatory rhetoric is not the best course of action.

– Len Fasano