Special Session Wrap-up

December 18, 2015

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Last week, I told you why I joined with Republicans in voting “No” on the bill to “fix” our state budget woes.

This week, I want to highlight another key feature of that legislation which led to my “No” vote.

The bill raids $35 million from the state’s Special Transportation Fund in order to balance the state’s finances.

That’s right, the tax dollars which you pay at the pump in the form of the gas tax are supposed to go toward improving our roads and bridges.

That revenue is supposed to go directly into the Special Transportation Fund.

Last week, through this legislation, that money – $35 million – was swiped to balance the State of Connecticut’s checkbook.

This is yet another reason why I voted “No”.

Budget gimmicks like these do not serve Connecticut taxpayers well.

I will continue to highlight these fiscal issues in the coming weeks and months until structural budget changes are made which put Connecticut back on a sustainable path.

After all, it’s your money!