Senator Boucher Responds to UConn Trustees Plan to Hike Tuition 31%

December 18, 2015

Hartford-State Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) is concerned that the University of Connecticut Trustees’ decided to raise tuition 31% over the next four years with an average yearly increase of 7% per year.

“I am deeply disappointed that the tuition for attending our flagship university will be raised 31% especially during these tough economic times for our residents and students,” said Boucher.

“We know that the best way to close our income gap is the attainment of a higher education degree. As such, access to higher education for middle and low income residents is the key in their ability to climb the economic ladder to close that gap.

“It is unfortunate that state’s budget deficit mitigation package cut $26.8 million from UConn’s budget and has put a great deal of stress on our higher educational institutions and seems to be putting upward pressure on tuition rates.

“The continual budget problems the state has been facing, the poor financial planning and the failure to address cost drivers have all led to increasingly underfunding of our education, social services, and healthcare responsibilities.

“This is a sad outcome of not dealing with our budget problems in a more responsible fashion.

“It is not only the students that are negatively affected by this increase, but also the student’s parents; many of whom struggle to help their children pay for college.

“The budget failure that has lead to this tuition increase is directly affecting our families who are trying to achieve the American Dream.”