Sen. Markley and Rep. Sampson will Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army/Southington Community Services

December 4, 2015

Southington-State Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) and state Representative Rob Sampson (R-Wolcott) will be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army and Southington Community Services in front of the Southington Walmart Tuesday December 15th from 4-5 p.m. Walmart has agreed to match all the donations made by the public.

This is the 5th year Markley and Sampson have rung the bell for charity. In 2014, they managed to raise $86,000 for Southington Community Services.

“The people in our area are generous all year around, but particularly at Christmas time,” said Senator Markley. “I’m not sure we will beat last year’s miraculous donation, but I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“This has been such a successful effort over the past several years,” said Representative Rob Sampson. “No matter what is happening in the world, people seem to rise to the occasion during the Christmas holiday season. It’s so rewarding for me to see the good in so many of my neighbors.”

The Southington Walmart is located at 235 Queen St. in Southington.