Sen. Formica Visits Beechwood Post-Acute & Transitional Care in New London

December 3, 2015

Beechwood Post-Acute & Transitional Care President and Executive Director Kathy Pajor and Sen. Paul Formica in front of the campus in New London on Dec. 1st .

New London-On Dec.1, state Senator Paul Formica (R-20) visited Beechwood Post Acute & Transitional Care in New London to listen to the concerns of caregivers and discuss the legislative process.

Beechwood is a health community and CMS 5 STAR skilled nursing facility in New London specializing in Post-Acute Care and Short Term rehabilitation with physical, occupational, and speech therapists, hospice care, long term residential care, and outpatient rehab services.

“Beechwood is a vital institution providing care in southeastern Connecticut,” said Sen. Formica. “I learned quite a lot listening to the caregivers and administrators there, and I look forward to bringing their concerns to Hartford.”

“Sen. Formica’s visit to Beechwood was much appreciated,” said Kathy Pajor, President and Executive Director at Beechwood. “We thank him for taking the time to speak with us.”

Senator Formica co-sponsored the CARE Act, a new law which ensures that home caregivers get instructions for their loved ones when they leave healthcare facilities like Beechwood.