Sen. Boucher Renews Call for Hearings to Review DMV Computer Upgrades and Long Wait Times

December 21, 2015

After reading a frustrated West Hartford resident’s newspaper op-ed about his daughter’s experience with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) repeated her call for legislative hearings at the State Capitol.

“This father’s story of his daughter’s multi-day DMV odyssey is ‘Exhibit A’ for why we need legislative hearings in 2016,” Sen. Boucher said. “Residents are taking full days off from work to get their DMV business completed. This father’s daughter was moved to tears by her experience. Is this the new normal in Connecticut? It shouldn’t be. Legislators need to hear directly from the Malloy Administration and DMV officials as to what is going on and if and when this situation is ever going to improve. Connecticut motorists have been more than patient with the DMV computer upgrades. Tens of millions of their taxpayer dollars were used to fund the improvements to the system, and they have a right to know whether they have gotten the most bang for their buck.”

Sen. Boucher, who serves as the ranking senator on the Connecticut General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, said that motorists in greater Danbury and in Fairfield County, including members of her own family, have informed her of similar experiences with DMV.

“I have asked DMV for answers and those answers have been insufficient,” Sen. Boucher said.

Sen. Boucher added that the West Hartford resident concluded his op-ed by writing, “There’s got to be a smoother way to provide these vital services to state residents who are regularly pressed to pay more in taxes for what seems to be less efficiency in government.”

“He summed up the issue in a single sentence,” Sen. Boucher said. “I commend him for going public with his story, and I urge others to do the same. I will be leading the charge to get the motoring public the answers they deserve.”

Sen. Boucher urged residents to email accounts of their DMV experiences to [email protected] or to contact her at 800 842 1421.

The West Hartford resident’s op-ed can be viewed here: