Fasano Statement on OPM’s Announced Budget Holdbacks

December 30, 2015

HartfordSenate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding the Office of Policy and Management’s newly announced holdbacks to achieve $93.1 million in unallocated lapse savings in the state budget. This includes cuts to municipal aid, mental health care, services for the developmentally and intellectually disabled, and Medicaid patients.

“The state budget crafted and passed by Hartford Democrats and Governor Malloy is a massive failure. The damage created by its botched policies is still being felt as our state continues to move in the wrong direction with these cuts. Budgeting is all about priorities. It’s about making hard decisions, but also about living up to your responsibilities as a state to protect its citizens. Yet these cuts target the elderly, the poor and the intellectually disabled, hurting those most in need. They also target municipal aid, adding to burdens felt by every family who lives in our state.

“The state Capitol is full of hypocrites. We have Democrats talking about historic tax relief in their budget, some even calling it one of the best budgets they’ve ever seen. We have a tax panel talking about the damage of high taxes, especially property taxes, on all elements of life in our state. Yet at the same time, state policies are directly reducing municipal aid, further burdening taxpayers. Lawmakers say one thing, but their policies say something else entirely. Enough of the doublespeak. This budget is a failure, and it continues to fail our state in new ways every day. A new year may be on its way in, but this is more of the same old desperation we’ve seen time after time.”

The holdbacks released by OPM include the following:

  • A total of $4.1 million will be held back from two large Department of Developmental Services (DDS) accounts for day programs and residential services.
  • A total of $4.1 million is also held back from non-personal services, non-other expenses accounts of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), resulting in less mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • Another $24.6 million will be held back from the Medicaid account, thereby increasing the budget cuts to hospitals from $34.2 million to $58.8 million.
  • A $5.2 million reduction in municipal aid, resulting in the state fully holding back $20 million from the Municipal Opportunities & Regional Efficiencies (MORE) Commission.