Fasano Statement on Governor’s Watch List Announcement

December 11, 2015

Senator Len Fasano released the following statement in response to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s announcement asking the federal government for watch lists to screen gun buyers in CT.

“It is our number one obligation as elected officials to protect the public from any potential threat of terrorism, but Governor Malloy’s action raises many legal questions. While we understand the pressure that Gov. Malloy is under as leader of the DGA to endorse this policy, does the governor really have the authority to assert his executive power? Will the federal government give states and local authorities access to classified watch lists? What lists are being requested and which lists will actually be shared? If a Connecticut resident is wrongly placed on a watch list, such as how Senator Ted Kennedy was once wrongly identified as being on a list, how do they get off? The top priority is to protect against terrorism, but efforts to protect the country from violence need to be balanced with individual civil liberties.”