November 24, 2015

During this time of thanksgiving, I am grateful for my loving family and my wonderful grandchildren who provide me with so much joy.

I am thankful for friends and colleagues who lift me up every day.

I am also thankful to all those who serve us in our communities. From our first responders to our educators to those in all political parties who take the time to run for and serve on our local boards, panels and commissions, everyone is doing their very best to make our quality of life the best it can possibly be. That public service is often overlooked. I want you to know that what you are doing matters. You are making a positive difference for all of us.

I am also especially thankful for all who are serving our country and defending our freedom every day. Our active military servicemembers and their families, as well as our veterans, are always in my thoughts and prayers.

I am so very thankful for being an American.

We really do live in the greatest country on Earth.

May God always bless this land.

From the Boucher family to yours: Happy Thanksgiving!