Share Your Ideas To Fix State Budget Problems

November 24, 2015

Letter by Sen. Witkos

No single person owns a monopoly on good ideas. So when it comes to solving the state’s mounting budget problems, I believe every person should have an opportunity to share their ideas for bettering our state.

It’s encouraging that Democrats and the governor have finally invited Republicans into budget negotiations to help fix the mess created by single-party rule. As lawmakers are now considering many different ways to close the immediate shortfall of at least $350 million and make long-term budget changes to address future deficits, I’m also asking all residents to share their thoughts by submitting their ideas through my website:

As the governor’s own budget chief said, our state is in a permanent state of fiscal crisis. That admission is brutally honest, and it reflects the sad reality of our state’s finances, marred by short-sighted budgeting.

Connecticut is at a crossroads. Either we change direction to pursue a brighter future, or we remain trapped in a cycle of increasing taxes or cutting services. I’m advocating for change, and I think everyone can contribute to building a new path to a better future for our state.

Please join the conversation. Share your bright ideas today.