Sen. Martin Visits Plainville High; Updates PHS Students

November 16, 2015

Sen. Henri Martin (fourth from left) on Nov. 13 visited with Plainville High School students and discussed his role as their representative at the State Capitol.

Sen. Henri Martin on Nov. 13 visited Plainville High School to talk with students about state government and his role in representing the people of Plainville at the State Capitol.

Martin took questions from students about legislation being debated in Hartford and urged them to get involved in their communities on issues that are important to them.

Martin, who represents Bristol, Harwinton, Plymouth and Thomaston in addition to Plainville, was elected to the state senate in 2014.

“The students had some great insights and ideas,” Sen. Martin said. “I really appreciate their feedback and enjoyed the visit. I hope to return to Plainville High frequently to keep them updated. I also thank the teachers and administrators at Plainville High for the tremendous job they do each day to educate our young people. These students are our future leaders.”

Martin urged the students to keep up with him on social media and to forward their ideas to him in the future on how to improve the quality of life in Connecticut.

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