Sen. Fasano Responds to Governor’s Statements about Democrat Budget

October 30, 2015

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following in response to recent statements made by Governor Dannel P. Malloy criticizing the state budget and the unitary tax the governor himself negotiated with Democrats.

“I’m glad Republicans now have a seat at the table, but we need to remember why we are here. The morning after the budget was passed as the governor signed it, he said ‘I’m very proud to pass the budget as amended,’ and ‘I think the right balance was ultimately struck and I’m very proud of the work that the legislature did in the last 48 hours.’ Now the governor is trying to rewrite history by claiming he never believed this budget was the right thing to do.

“Republicans, Democrats and the governor are in the room with the understanding that all parties are bringing good faith to the table, as well as open and transparent dialogue and a commitment to structural changes for future years. For the governor to try to distance himself now from all his past decisions including the budget is a false narrative. If the governor wanted people to move to the center as he’s stated, clearly having the Republicans in the room in the spring would have been the best way. But he refused to give Republicans that opportunity. While I’m encouraged that the governor wants to do something now to fix this mess, he cannot forget who and what created the problems – the actions of this governor and the majority party.”