Legislators Tour Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

October 15, 2015
Avery MacDonald of Dominion, Mike O’Connor of Dominion, Rep. Brycki, Kevin Hennessy of Dominion, Sen. Osten, Rep. McCarty, Rep. France, Rep. Ackert, Rep. Ziobron, Scott Ziobron of Dominion, and Sen. Formica

Avery MacDonald of Dominion, Mike O’Connor of Dominion, Rep. Brycki, Kevin Hennessy of Dominion, Sen. Osten, Rep. McCarty, Rep. France, Rep. Ackert, Rep. Ziobron, Scott Ziobron of Dominion, and Sen. Formica.

WATERFORD – State Representatives Tim Ackert (R-8), Mike France (R-42), Kathleen McCarty (R-38), Melissa Ziobron (R-34), John Scott (R-40), Aundré Bumgardner (R-41) and Rep. Paul Brycki (D-45) joined State Senators Paul Formica (R-20) and Cathy Osten (D-19) at Millstone Power Plant last month to tour the facility and learn about the environmental and economic benefits of nuclear energy.

Millstone, operated by Dominion, Inc., is the only nuclear power plant in Connecticut and the only multi-unit plant in New England. It produces 2,100 megawatts, or approximately 17 million megawatt hours annually. The plant could potentially produce more than half of the energy needed in Connecticut, and between 15% and 30% of the energy required across New England during peak and off-peak electric usage times, respectively.

Legislators received a tour through the facility and learned about how it works. Their main concern, of course, was safety. The legislators were assured that the plant is safe and reliable, and is consistently tested to be sure that it remains so. The facility was designed with input from engineers who have studied nuclear accidents from all over the world, and incorporates multiple features to ensure the safety of both workers and the surrounding community.

“I am incredibly impressed with the safety measures and processes that have been put in place at this facility,” Rep. Ackert said. “It is important that we examine all kinds of alternative energy, and nuclear has proven to be a carbon-free option that can produce what we need at a much lower cost. It could certainly be a viable option on the table for future discussions.”

“It is incumbent upon the state’s technology pioneers to expand their imagination and work cooperatively to figure out how to best supply the region with energy,” said Sen. Formica.

“Millstone provides thousands of employees with jobs in Waterford and Southeastern Connecticut, thereby boosting economic growth while remaining a positive entity for the environment in our region and beyond,” said Rep. McCarty. “I was greatly reassured by all the safety and precautionary measures in place at the facility, and quite impressed to see them implemented recently to quickly and successfully resolve a minor alarm. It was also great to learn about all the community projects Millstone is involved in; they are a good community partner who even provides mentoring to young students like those at Mitchell College. As the representative of the 38th district – home to Millstone – I am particularly grateful for such an educational tour.”

“As Connecticut’s power consumption needs increase it’s important we evaluate and implement varied sources of energy to meet those needs while also being mindful to protect the natural resources of our state,” Rep. Scott said. “Nuclear power is among the safest, most efficient and least expensive of generation sources but it is only one piece of a more comprehensive energy plan for the state. I look forward to continuing discussions on how best to meet our energy needs in the safest, cleanest way possible.”

“I continue to be impressed with these operations in southeast Connecticut,” Rep. Ziobron said. “Their employees work hard every day to supply 50% of the electric grid alone in Connecticut and contribute to countless organizations that benefit so many.”

“Nuclear-powered energy created here in Southeastern Connecticut has been a critical component of our state’s energy portfolio and I’m pleased the Millstone facility continues to provide a substantial amount of power to our residents in a safe manner,” Rep. Bumgardner said. “The tour provided me with a keen understanding of their safety protocols and operating policies and I’m confident they will continue to be an important energy partner for years to come.”

“The Millstone Power Plant is a critical infrastructure asset for electric power generation helping to keep the cost of utilities more affordable in Connecticut,” said Rep. France. “Rising energy costs contribute to the high cost of living in Connecticut and are part of the reason our residents are leaving. Nuclear power continues to be the most cost-effective means of power generation to meet the needs for electricity, heating and cooling. It is also the largest source of clean, carbon-free electricity and produces no air pollution in the process.”