Fasano on Budget Talks: “”We all have a common purpose” [WFSB]

October 27, 2015

The governor met with legislative leaders Monday to discuss the state’s impending revenue shortfall.

Last week, the Office of Policy and Management predicted a $120 million shortfall.

As a result, Gov. Dannel Malloy urged both Democratic and Republican lawmakers to work together to make some hard decision.

Monday, he plans on laying out his priorities for spending and potential cuts.

This would be in addition to the rescissions already made last month, which have resulted in cuts for hospitals and social services.

In September, Malloy announced more than $102 million in cuts that affected Executive Branch agencies and the Judicial Branch.

The hour-long meeting didn’t focus on cuts but the numbers. Malloy estimates the current deficit at $120 million, but republicans said they
believe it could be almost four times that.

Minority leaders said they are bringing good faith to the table, and a purpose.

“We all have a common purpose — which is the state. Republican, democratic or governor, we want to put the state back on track,” said Republican Minority Leader State Senator Len Fasano.

“They bring good faith to the table. We have known each other for a long time – we work together- this is not personal,” said Democratic House Speaker State Rep. Brendan Sharkey.

At the center of much of this are families who said the most vulnerable are at risk, especially those with disabilities.
“We understand cuts have to be made but it can’t be done on this population’s back,” said Lauralyn Lewis.

Both sides plan on meeting again early next week.