Fasano Letter to Barnes re: Supplemental Hospital Payments

October 16, 2015

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano sent the attached letter to OPM Secretary Ben Barnes asking for clarification as to whether first quarter supplemental payments already overdue to hospitals will be paid.

The letter states:

The October 9, 2015 memo from the Governor’s Office states that the “new Small Hospital Pool reprioritizes a portion of the remaining quarter Supplemental payment.” This leads us to the obvious concern which is that the state’s contribution of $4.6 million to the new Small Hospital Pool will result in all hospitals losing the $60.3 million that they would have otherwise received from the first quarterly payment.

This money in total is already overdue to all hospitals as it was supposed to be paid during the first quarter of the fiscal year which ended in September. So for a portion of the money to be reallocated now, leads me to wonder whether the funding will ever reach the hospitals still waiting and still expecting this reimbursement.