Chaplin Dam to be shored up with $200,000 in State Aid

October 6, 2015

Hartford, CT – Area legislators today applauded the state’s announcement of $200,000 to contribute to the ongoing effort to rehabilitate the Darling Pond Dam in Chaplin.

Darling Pond is an integral part of community life within Garrison Recreation Park.

Upon completion, the Dam will ensure that various habitats of different species are protected from devastation in the case of damaging floods.

Plans for the Dam will also prevent flooding on various hiking trails and Route 198 emergency access for fire and rescue operations.

“This is an investment of precious tax dollars which will have environmental, public safety and economic benefits over a long period of time,” Sen. Tony Guglielmo said. “It’s very good news for the residents of Chaplin which will have a positive impact on a variety of levels. We appreciate the governor’s attention to this important rehabilitation project, and we congratulate Chaplin officials on being awarded these funds.”

“Repairs to the Darling Pond Dam are necessary to ensure the safety of people enjoying Garrison Park and those traveling along Route 198,” Rep. Doug Dubitsky said. “Thankfully, the governor recognized the urgency of this vital infrastructure project, and included it in this year’s STEAP awards.”

The project is funded through the state’s Small Towns Economic Assistance Program.