Sen. Markley and Rep. Sampson talk Taxes and Trump in Wolcott

September 4, 2015

Rep. Samson (center left) and Sen. Markley (center right)

Wolcott- Over 35 people packed McBride’s Apizza in Wolcott to attend state Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington) and state Representative Rob Sampson’s (R-Wolcott) first “Pizza and Politics” gathering on Wednesday September 2nd.

The legislators interacted with their constituents and fielded questions on issues ranging from the state budget to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I was blown away by how many people came out for the first ‘Pizza and Politics’ event. I would like to think they all came to see me, but I have a feeling McBride’s pizza had something to do with it too,” said Senator Markley. “The sense I got from the meeting was that people are anxious and upset. People are anxious about taxes, anxious about the growth of government, and above all, angry that politicians and bureaucrats are no longer accountable to the public they serve. I understand because these are my concerns too.”

“It was certainly fun to be part of our first Pizza & Politics event. It was based on the simple idea that some people might be more inclined to chat with us in an informal setting than at something like a town hall meeting and also because it gives us a chance to actually put our money where our mouth is and help promote locally owned businesses. It’s safe to say our first one was a success. Look for us to do several more!”

The legislators will be holding a second “Pizza & Politics” meeting on Thursday September 17th from 6:30-8 at Formaggio Apizza at 1244 Meriden Ave in Southington.