Never Forget!

September 11, 2015

9/11 Memorial

There will be many things written today about the horrific and tragic events of 14 years ago when our great nation felt the first direct attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor.
A new era of terrorism and conflict emerged from the rubble and the lives lost at the twin towers that morning that was to change the world forever. 
On this anniversary a resilient and courageous nation will remember and pay tribute to the innocent victims of 9/11 and their families. 
9/11 MemorialThough many continue to suffer in silent pain and anguish more than a decade later – we must think of peace and the possibility of renewed life.
Many of these innocent victims were our family, friends and neighbors from southeastern Connecticut.
This terrorist attack would go down as the deadliest one day massacre in US history. On that day our nation lost its innocence.
Today, we remember those lost for their courage and love for America. To cherish them let our tribute to their memory be a truly United States of America.
Never Forget!