More trouble for state budget [WTNH]

September 29, 2015


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Governor and the D.O.T. have been touting the success of the New Britain to Hartford express busway known as CT Fastrak, but the price appears to be red ink that’s over $7 million higher than had been planned.

The Governor says that’s because they have made service much more frequent.

“We have more buses running on that line than were originally envisioned in the plan. The reason for that is that it makes sense to do that and the reason for that is that we’re seeing a dramatic uptick of usage,” said Malloy.

But that’s minor league red ink compared to the overall state budget and the stock market’s continued slide means more trouble ahead.

“There could be more rescissions, I think more are a very real possibility,” said Malloy.

The budget cuts he announced ten days ago already have hospitals saying they may have to start layoffs and some say medicaid and social service cuts are already too deep.

“What existed in the stock market between January 1 and June 30 is entirely different from what’s presented itself since then,” said Malloy.

State Senate Republican leader Len Fasano said today that he is working to force Malloy and the legislature to come back to Hartford to revise the budget and make cuts where they won’t hurt so much.

“All the Republicans are going to sign this petition and then if we get some of the Democrats to sign, we go into special session and do what’s right,” said Fasano.

The Governor hinted toay that state employees may now be asked to make more sacrifice.

“We are in negotiations with a number of those unions. I’m not at liberty to say what those negotiations will consist of,” said Malloy.