Formica Disappointed in Governor’s Deep Cuts to L & M, Backus Hospital Budgets

September 29, 2015

Hartford, CT – Sen. Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) today expressed disappointment in the latest budget cuts to hospitals across the state, including a $6,523,241 cut for Lawrence and Memorial Hospital and a $4,781,345 cut for Backus Hospital.

“The choice the governor has made is extremely disappointing and it will hurt the very people we should be protecting,” Sen. Formica said. “This cut will impact hospital wait times, lead to less access to care and bring about higher health care costs for everyone.

“The reimbursement rates for the hospitals have been slashed during the last four years to the point of no return. Not keeping a promise that was made to hospitals and cutting millions in grants to fund mental health treatment for children will not help either. Many hospital executives say they will now have to release workers in order to keep their commitment to patient care. This is not how the administration should be balancing the budget.

“We must keep promises made to hospitals especially when our state dollars are matched by federal dollars. We must also increase our support and investment in spending for mental health grants NOT cut millions in grants that fund mental health services and treatment for children.”

1 in 5 Connecticut residents are Medicare patients these cuts will affect them the most.

The legislators urged people to add their signatures to a letter to the governor and legislators protesting the cuts at .

(Hospital budget rescission chart attached.)