Bristol Legislators Rip Malloy’s “Outrageous” Hospital Cuts

September 18, 2015

Bristol Hospital to Take Nearly $6 M Hit

Bristol Republican legislators today slammed Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for announcing deep budget cuts to hospitals across the state, including a devastating $5.88 million in cuts for Bristol Hospital.

“Bristol Hospital is our strongest community asset,” Sen. Henri Martin said. “This cut will do lasting damage to that asset. How extremely shortsighted. This will no doubt have a negative impact on the quality medical care that the hospital provides for seniors, children – everyone in greater Bristol. Republicans voted against the governor’s budget in June because we knew it was a mess. Now, it is even more so, and Democrats and Republicans have got to get back together in a special session of the legislature to fix it.”

“It’s outrageous,” Rep. Whit Betts said of the cuts to Bristol Hospital. “There is no other way to describe it. Budgets are about choices and the governor’s choices are crystal clear. He has chosen to make a cut which will put at risk the well-being of families in greater Bristol by jeopardizing their ability to get the health care services they need. That’s unacceptable. He could have chosen to generate $160 million in the labor savings he had promised to generate back in 2011, but he didn’t. Bristol Republicans respectfully disagree with the governor’s choice, and we will fight to restore these health care cuts every step of the way. We hope area Democrats who voted for the governor’s budget will recognize their error in taking away money from community hospitals and join with us. Contact them, and starting lighting up the governor’s phone to express yourselves.”

“The cuts are incredibly disappointing,” Rep. Cara Pavalock said. “They will put a major strain on Bristol Hospital, and I worry about their impact on hospital jobs. We want greater Bristol to know that we do not support these cuts and will do everything in our power to help reverse what has happened today. The public can help us by picking up the phone and calling the governor.”

The public may contact Gov. Malloy’s office during business hours at 860 566-4840.

(Hospital budget rescission chart attached.)