Sen. Boucher Statement on ‘Mileage Tax’ Proposal: “Are they living in an alternate universe?”

August 1, 2015

HartfordState Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton), ranking member on the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, released the following statement regarding the ‘mileage tax’ proposal discussed by the Governor’s Transportation Finance Panel this week.

“A proposal discussed by the governor’s Transportation Finance Panel to tax drivers for every mile they drive using GPS technology 24 hours a day, 365 days a year has instigated an incredulous response by the public. This public opposition is right on point. This is another tax residents simply cannot afford and this is not the direction Connecticut should be headed.

“How exactly will a tax on every mile a person drives encourage movement and economic development across our state? How will such a tax make Connecticut inviting to new residents? I cannot understand how anyone can think this is a good idea. Are they living in an alternate universe? We already have too many jobs and residents leaving the state, and Connecticut has become the brunt of many negative national headlines. When is enough, enough? Outside of the tax issues, there are also significant concerns about using this kind of technology related to the invasion of personal privacy and the fact that jamming of GPS systems has become commonplace. The technology has only been ‘piloted’ thus far and has not been fully implemented in any state. Let’s make sure Connecticut is not the first.

“Connecticut taxpayers have endured back to back historic tax hikes. Yet our state faces deficit after deficit. On top of this, Connecticut critically underfunds state liabilities and maintains some of the highest taxes in the nation on debt and retirement costs and has some of the highest gas taxes as well, all while the administration engages in questionable spending such as handing out frivolous raises.

“As the governor’s finance panel examines and assesses funding options, I urge them to reject the ‘mileage tax’ proposal. I also want to remind them that Connecticut Republicans put together a solid transportation funding plan that would enable the state to make significant investments in transportation while living within our means and prioritizing current resources. The answer to our transportation problems is not tolls and taxes. The answer is prioritizing our needs and establishing fiscal responsibility across the board.”