Republicans Not Hurting Connecticut

August 20, 2015

Op-Ed as it appeared in the Hartford Courant

It was disappointing to read the recent opinion piece by House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, “Republican Negativity Hurts Connecticut” [Aug. 1].

More than ever before, Connecticut is losing too many of its residents to Florida. Every business knows that when you lose market share, you find out what your competition is doing to attract your customers. Connecticut is in a competitive race to attract new business and keep the businesses we have. Leadership has an obligation to know what the other guy is doing and work to do it better.

The speaker is giving Republicans too much credit if he thinks we are influencing the media or public opinion. Republicans are not hurting Connecticut. The unprecedented public anger and frustration that is being directed at the majority party is due to their anti-business, anti-taxpayer policies and budgets.

Republicans have put detailed no-tax-increase balanced budgets and ways to pay for fixes to roads, bridges and railroads without tolls on the table. The response from legislative majority leaders has been to slam the door and shut the other side completely out.

Instead of passing budgets with historic tax increases and hurting the hardworking families in our state, the majority party should be looking across the aisle for solutions. We can and should work together.

Toni Boucher, Wilton
The writer, a state senator from the 26th District, is assistant minority leader.