Michaela Petit’s Four O’Clocks Now Official Children’s State Flower

August 6, 2015

Sen. Henri Martin (lower right) joined with Dr. William Petit (upper left), members and friends of the Petit family, and state legislators for an Aug. 5 ceremony in which Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (center) signed into law a bill establishing Michaela Petit’s Four O’Clock as the official children’s state flower. The new law honoring the 11-year-old Cheshire home invasion victim paves the way for Connecticut residents to understand Michaela’s legacy and her love of helping others. The Four O’Clock was the flower Michaela used to plant with her father. After the 2007 tragedy, the Four O’Clock poked its petals out of the burned-down house’s remains. The Petit Family Foundation sells Four O’Clock seeds to fund a scholarship for girls. On the web: www.petitfamilyfoundation.org .