Sen. Markley and Rep. Zoni Thank Southington for Milldale Reunion Success

July 28, 2015

The Milldale School reunion last week was a delightful event for all who attended, and we want to thank those who made it possible: Marcia Phelps, an inspiring Physical Education teacher in town, who had the idea; Southington Fire Chief Buddy Clark, who made the necessary arrangements and preparations; Town Manager Gary Brumbach and the Parks Department, who had the school’s stone nameplate delivered to the event; and local merchants at Top’s Market, Shop Rite, Walmart, and the Southington Ice House, who provided everything needed for our cookout free of charge.

We were honored by the attendance of five outstanding educators who taught at Milldale School: Jane Caddick, Sally White, Arlene Javaloyes Cieslewski, Dan Welch, and Michael Ungaro. It was a special pleasure to express our gratitude to these wonderful men and women, and to remember all the teachers and staff who made our school a place of learning, growth, and friendship.

Joe Markley
Dave Zoni