Fasano Statement on Auditors’ Report on DCF

July 30, 2015

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding the findings of the Auditors’ Report on the Department of Children and Families released today.

“Where and when is this going to end? How much more evidence do we need to take the health and protection of children seriously? Over the past few weeks, multiple investigative reports have shown that there is a pattern within DCF of limited protocols, limited accountability and a severe lack of reporting that proliferates throughout the system. The auditors’ report reveals that valued resources have been squandered as a result of absolute and total lack of leadership by the Commissioner.

“After watching the videos examined as part of the Child Advocate’s recent report on CJTS and Pueblo, it solidified to me that DCF, under the leadership of Commissioner Joette Katz, lacks the organization and procedures necessary to run an efficient agency that properly meets the needs of children. What I saw at those facilities is a disturbing example of how complete disorder has resulted in a failure to protect some of the most vulnerable children. Today’s report shows that the chaos witnessed within DCF’s locked facilities extends to the agency’s finances and operations as well. These are not isolated problems. These are the stark reality of an agency out of control and in total disarray. These issues reflect a failure in leadership to self-monitor that cannot be ignored,” said Fasano.

The audit found that within DCF employees are arriving late and being paid for time not in the office, having debit cards with no accountability, getting mileage reimbursement when they shouldn’t, and also found a lack of accountability and control over comp time, longevity payments, accrued vacation and sick time. According to the audit, the department has also failed to conduct criminal background checks and license foster homes in a timely manner, potentially putting kids at risk. It has wasted money by failing to adequately document expenses that could be eligible for federal reimbursement, according to the audit.