Fasano Letter: Malloy’s ‘unrealistic’ criticism [JI]

July 20, 2015

Journal Inquirer Letter to the Editor

The Journal Inquirer recently reported on statements made by Gov. Dannel Malloy criticizing Republicans for proposing an unrealistic alternative budget (“Malloy, Democratic leaders heap praise on budget amid questions,” July 1).

Republicans were not given an opportunity to respond to that criticism, and I want to make it clear that these accusations are completely unfounded.

In February, the governor failed to comply with his statutory obligation to submit a balanced budget. Even worse, the governor’s unrealistic budget proposal decimated social services. His plan would have resulted in devastation for thousands of vulnerable Connecticut residents.

Republicans responded with a dose of reality.

We created a “Blueprint for Prosperity” — an alternative budget plan that did not raise taxes and did not cut from those most in need. Instead, our budget relied on prioritizing and living within our means. Our plan dedicated over $1 billion a year to transportation investments and required no new taxes or tolls. It also called upon the governor to find $253 million in annual savings that state employee unions already promised but never delivered to the state.

When Malloy enacted the largest tax hike in state history four years ago, unions were supposed to share in the sacrifices made by taxpayers, but they fell short. We did not ask for new concessions. Rather, we asked the governor to deliver what was promised before looking at new taxes.

Malloy and Democrats have pushed through a budget crafted behind closed doors that raised taxes by almost $2 billion, the second highest tax hike in state history.

I understand the governor probably wanted to raise taxes all along. The fact that Republicans were able to put together a no-new-taxes budget in addition to a sound transportation plan appears to have annoyed our thin-skinned governor.

This is a governor who cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees with him, let alone anyone who provides a thoughtful, realistic solution to a problem he created.

Therefore, I understand his frustration.