Fasano: Governor’s Business Tour Too Little Too Late

July 7, 2015

Hartford – Sen. Fasano released the following statement about the ongoing state jobs tour being led by Governor Malloy and the State Department of Economic and Community Development. Yesterday, the governor visited Turbine Technologies in Farmington as part of the tour.

“The governor wasn’t listening to businesses before he created this budget, so why should we believe he will listen to them after? A jobs tour now is too little too late. The governor failed to veto this budget, thereby failing the business community and all the jobs they create. I hope the governor’s visits will at least be much needed learning experiences for him. I hope he is listening to the companies he’s visiting, like Turbine Technologies, which made it very clear that this budget hurts them by hurting their customers. I hope the governor is beginning to realize the damaging ripple effect he created that touches every business and every family in our state. The impact of his budget needs to be a part of the conversation. Ignoring it does not move us forward.”