You Had Enough? Tell Gov. Malloy to Stop Tax Hikes

June 8, 2015

Tell Governor Malloy to Veto this Budget

We need to put a stop to Connecticut’s new disastrous spending and taxing plan and urge Governor Malloy to veto this budget.

The two year budget passed by the legislature was negotiated by Governor Malloy and Democrat lawmakers behind closed doors.

It will be a major hit on our wallets, our jobs and our economy. It will also impact middle and working class families directly.

Together we have to urge the governor to keep his promise not to raise taxes. Here’s how:

1) SIGN our petition to say "no" to new taxes at
2) CALL Governor Malloy’s Office at (800) 406-1527 and tell him to "VETO THIS BUDGET"and stop the tax hikes.

Please share this message with your friends and family. There is still time to stop this budget, but we need your help.