When are we going to change?

June 8, 2015

I voted “no” on the state budget because Connecticut needs change – not more taxes, not more burdens and not more pain. That’s why, on the floor of the state Senate, I stood up for our families, our jobs, and our state. Please watch and share this video of my remarks during the budget debate in the Senate circle.

Together, we need to urge Governor Malloy to VETO this budget.

Remember, this budget

  • Was negotiated by the governor and Democratic lawmakers behind closed doors, locking Republicans out of the process
  • It includes a $2 billion tax hike, the 2nd highest tax increase in state history
  • It impacts middle and working class families
  • It leaves our state with a $1.6 billion deficit in future years

Contact the governor’s office to demand change now. Call (800) 406-1527 and tell Governor Malloy to veto this disastrous budget.