“Veto these tax hikes.”

June 11, 2015

I have attached below my letter to The Day of New London.

Please continue to sign our petition to say “no” to new taxes at www.NoNewCTtaxes.com.

Thank you!

Day got it right on Malloy and taxes
Published June 10. 2015

The Day editorial June 9,“Malloy’s insincere, inconsistent explanation,” summed up the 2015 legislative session in one sentence: “The reality is that the governor did not fight to prevent a tax increase.”

I was proud to join with Republicans to vote “no” on this tax-heavy budget that will hurt struggling Connecticut families. This $2 billion tax hike is hitting us four years after we received the largest tax increase in state history. More burdensome taxes are not the solution to our revenue problem.

General Electric, which employs 6,300 people in Connecticut, recently said that “retroactively raising taxes again makes businesses, including our own, seriously consider whether it makes any sense to continue to be located in this state.”

This budget will have a negative impact on Connecticut jobs. Our focus must instead be on keeping businesses and jobs in our state and spending taxpayers’ money wisely.

I appreciate The Day’s readers who have supported me in my opposition to the Democratic plan. I hope they will ask their state legislators how they voted on the budget and call Governor Malloy today at 800-406-1527. Tell him, “Veto these tax hikes.”

State Senator Art Linares

Editor’s note: Senator Linares represents the 33rd District.