Today is The Day

June 1, 2015

I have attached today’s Bristol Press / New Britain Herald editorial below. I couldn’t have said it better. Please continue to visit and let your voices be heard today. Thank you!

It’s time to let your voices be heard

Bristol Press / New Britain Herald Editorial

No new or expanded taxes.

That’s the call from the Republican minority (and a few enlightened Democrats) in the state Legislature, but should be the call to action for all of our elected officials.

Today, we’re told, there will be a vote on the “compromise” budget with the governor.

This is not a good plan for the state, and we simply must reconsider our spending when it requires new and expanded taxes and fees just to keep the machine going.

We have to be more competitive to bring more businesses — and the good jobs they bring with them — to the state.

Higher taxes and fees, and the possibility of new ones to come, don’t encourage decisions to come here.
We need to make the state more affordable for those who live here to keep them here.

More taxes, and more dependence on property taxes, doesn’t move in this direction.

And we need to protect those who can’t work, with a system that can get the money fairly and equitably to pay for those services.

It’s our responsibility to let our legislators know how we feel. With the vote just hours away, it’s time for each one of us to make the call our representative with one message:

“No new taxes.”

Make your voice heard.

Democratic Reps

  • Frank Nicastro Sr., Bristol, (860) 585-6070
  • Rick Lopes, New Britain, Newington, (860) 229-7721
  • Peter Tercyak, New Britain, (860) 240-8585
  • Robert Sanchez, New Britain, (860) 240-8585
  • Tony Guerrera, Newington, (860) 240-8585
  • Joe Aresimowicz, Berlin, Southington, (860) 240-8489
  • Dave Zoni, Southington, (860) 240-8585
  • Betty Boukus, Plainville and New Britain, (860) 240-8585

Democratic Senators

  • Terry Gerratana, New Britain, Berlin, (860) 240-0584
  • Paul Doyle, Newington, (860) 240-0475


  • Governor’s Office at (860) 566-4840.
  • Senate Democrats at (800) 842-1420.
  • House Democrats (800) 842-1902.