Kudos to The Hour

June 12, 2015

Letter to the Editor as it appeared in the Norwalk Hour

To the Editor:

We applaud The Hour for its commentary on the 2015 state budget process. [Editorial, June 9, “Budget Boondoggle Takes The Cake”]

Republicans offered a thoughtful, detailed, no new taxes budget alternative which restored funding for crucial social services.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed into the Democrats’ budget negotiations room.

Our voices and the voices of the hundreds of thousands of taxpayers we represent went unheard.
We urge greater Norwalk taxpayers to call Gov. Malloy at (800) 406-1527.

Tell him to keep his promise. Tell him to veto these tax hikes.

Please visit our website at www.NoNewCTTaxes.com , and urge friends, relatives, and colleagues to do the same.

Sen. Minority Leader Len Fasano
North Haven
Sen. Toni Boucher