JI budget editorial hit the mark

June 12, 2015

Editorial as it appeared in the Journal Inquirer

We applaud the points made in “Budget ignores reality of need to stay competitive” (June 5 editorial).

One of the many reasons we voted no on the state budget bill was that it does little if anything to attract business and private jobs to Connecticut.

At the state Capitol, we will continue to press for policies that make Connecticut’s business climate more welcoming for small-, medium-, and large-sized companies to grow and retain good jobs.

What can Journal Inquirer readers do today?

Call Gov. Dannel Malloy at 800-406-1527 and say three words: “Veto this budget.”

Len Fasano, John A. Kissel,
and Tony Guglielmo

Fasano is the state Senate minority leader. Kissel is the state senator representing the 7th District. Guglielmo is the state senator representing the 35th District.