Have You Heard What’s Going on in Hartford?

June 26, 2015

An update from the State Capitol:

As Democrats meet to discuss potential changes to the state budget, Republicans are demanding that lawmakers put an end to closed door negotiations.

Operating in the dark with no transparency whatsoever created a budget that is seen as universally damaging to jobs, the economy, the middle class, seniors and health care access.

This budget needs to be completely scrapped so that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle can start anew together.

We need transparent and open conversation, not more darkness.

What can YOU do?

Call the following numbers today and Monday:

  • Gov. Malloy: 800-406-1527
  • Senate Democrats: 800-842-1420
  • House Democrats at 800-842-1902

Urge them to work with Republicans to eliminate tax hikes.

Tell them that Connecticut taxpayers deserve a common-sense budget that lives within our means and doesn’t hurt the middle-class!

Thank you for your help!