Feeling duped….

June 19, 2015


Courtesy of the Hartford Courant

Hi Everyone,
It is becoming clear that new policies in the state budget will not make you happy.

$250 million in tax cuts promised during the last year, are being taken away in this budget.

Adding insult to injury, taxpayer dollars that are supposed to be returned to communities so that property taxes go down – may not reach your town or city for years.
For these reasons and more I voted NO on the budget.
Why is this happening? 
Click on the link below to learn more.
How can you stop this bad budget from becoming a reality? CALL Governor Malloy’s Office at (800) 406-1527 and tell him to "VETO THIS BUDGET".

Not Convinced?

Here’s what one of the state’s leading economist is saying, "Never before have I seen such a poisoned atmosphere," Peter Gioia said, adding that small and large businesses alike may curtail plans to hire or otherwise expand while more states try to lure Connecticut companies away.

"I think we are going to see a massive effort by economic development officials from out of state," Gioia said. "There isn’t a manufacturer in the state who hasn’t gotten a call or a letter or a visit" from an out-of-state economic development official.