Fasano to Malloy: Release the Documents

June 19, 2015

HartfordSenate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R- North Haven) is calling on Governor Dannel P. Malloy to order those involved in his reelection campaign to release the documents subpoenaed by the State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC). Democrats have refused to turn over communications requested in the subpoena issued last month as part of an investigation into the improper use of campaign funds in a mailer sent out by Governor Malloy’s reelection campaign.

“The governor has repeatedly talked about his commitment to transparency and open government, but he draws a line in the sand when it comes to his own campaign dealings. True transparency means openness across the board. It means people can see what’s going on in their state government. It means when information is requested, let alone subpoenaed, that information is made available and accessible – not hidden. If the governor has nothing to hide, why is he refusing to share this information? I am calling on the governor to request that all those involved in his reelection campaign release the records sought by the SEEC immediately,” said Fasano.

Governor Malloy has campaigned on a commitment to transparency. When he first announced his interest in running for office in 2006, he emphasized transparency as way to prevent repeat scandals similar to the situation involving former Governor Rowland. He was quoted as saying, “I’m talking about a fundamental change in our approach to government…When government becomes a closed insider game this kind of stuff can play itself out.”

“It’s time for the governor to stop running around the question and playing closed insider games. We want Governor Malloy to lead the way to transparency. He has blocked clean elections and now he is trying to block transparency regarding his own campaign. Refusing to comply with a subpoena, sent out by a government agency that holds full authority to oversee election happenings in our state, shows a complete disregard for the very office the governor himself holds. The public deserves to know if campaign funds were misused. Certainly a state agency responsible for overseeing state elections deserves the freedom to investigate. If our state is committed to transparency, openness and clean elections, Governor Malloy needs to release those documents now.”