Fasano Statement on Meeting Between Malloy & Democrat Leaders

June 19, 2015

HartfordSenate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding a private meeting today between Democrat legislative leaders and Governor Malloy concerning the state budget.

“To hear that alternative revenue sources were put on the table today, in a closed door meeting between a handful of people, is honestly infuriating. This is really the process our state is complicit with? A back room discussion where a potential new revenue source is offered, and legislative leaders will not even share the idea? When will they tell the public and when will they tell Republicans? Was there even a public hearing on this mystery source? Where is the transparency? Where is the outrage over these back room deals that could potentially change the future of the state for everyone? These deals take place in so much darkness, not even night vision could shed light onto these politics. When you are making decisions in the dark it is very easy to make errors and to misjudge. We need to open the doors and open the conversation. The secrecy is disgusting. It’s not what the public deserves. What are they hiding and why?”