Bristol Republicans: “Every elected official must be held accountable” for state budget stance

June 18, 2015

Bristol Republican legislators Sen. Henri Martin, Rep. Whit Betts, and Rep. Cara Pavalock on Thursday released the following statement regarding Hartford Healthcare’s decision to lay off hundreds of employees in response to the legislature’s passage of a state budget which reductions in Medicaid rates and high hospital taxes:

“We voted against the budget bill because we felt it would damage Connecticut’s safety net and reduce hospitals’ ability to take care of those who are most in need.

“Now, several hospitals in central Connecticut – including Bristol Hospital – are faced with tax increases and budget cuts which will negatively affect patient care, services, jobs and programs.

“Today, Gov. Malloy has an opportunity to start fresh and avoid this grim scenario. He can veto this bad budget.

“Legislative Democrats in the House and Senate who voted in favor of the budget also have an opportunity. They can choose to stop supporting policies that are threatening patient care and necessary medical services here in greater Bristol and throughout the state. These Democrats now have a chance to work to restore the necessary funding back to our community hospitals. Will they?”

“We urge area residents, and everyone who values the services at Bristol Hospital, to call the following numbers today:

  • Gov. Malloy: 800-406-1527
  • Senate Democrats: 800-842-1420
  • House Democrats at 800-842-1902

“Every elected official – each state representative and each state senator – must be held accountable for his or her vote on this crucial issue. They answer to the taxpayers, so contact them today and ask them where they stand.”