2nd Largest Tax Increase in State History is Headed Your Way

June 29, 2015

Formica: I encourage my colleagues to open the door of communications and the inclusion of new ideas they and only they will we get Connecticut back to work.”

Hartford, CT – State Senator Paul Formica (R-East Lyme) released the following statement today re: modifications to the $40.3 billion state budget for the next two fiscal years.

“The responsibility of creating a budget and policies falls on each of us as legislators. We all equally represent people within our districts and while each district has its own unique qualities, every resident demands to and should be heard in this budget process.

“I believe the quality and fairness of this budget would have been greatly improved if more voices of this Legislature were heard. Both the Senate and House are rich with various experiences and it is disappointing that many of us were not allowed to participate as our state faces many challenges.

“I believe in having more people involved in the process, even those you always don’t agree with, has value. And I believe that it would have added value to this budget process.

“Sadly, there were no bipartisan negotiations and because of it, we have before us the second largest tax increase in our history. I have concerns about the new taxes on hospitals – which provide jobs and quality health care. The effect of this budget has already led two state hospitals to announce imminent layoffs. Several surgical centers will also face new taxes, and the new Medicaid reimbursement to doctors will have a negative outcome on both care and economic activity.

“We can and should create an environment of success. Money comes and goes; economies go up and down but what’s most important – the people need to feel pride again. They need to be proud of their neighborhoods, be able to feel proud of their state and hopeful for a future for their families in Connecticut.

“But I am concerned this budget will not allow that to happen. This gets us to the real challenge – what does this budget do for future generations? Where are the youth going to live and work tomorrow if the jobs are going away today? How will our cities and towns continue to provide a quality of life?

“There are many open questions about the new taxing scheme related to automobiles and aid to cities and towns. Will Hartford keep its commitment to make up for lost revenue to the towns? And what about the pending deficit that will now total $1.8 billion in this new budget and what affect will this have on funds promised to help property owners with local taxes?

“I have been proud to represent the 20th District and know many residents want to feel pride in their communities and state. They get up, go to work, provide for their families and want to be treated fairly and with respect for their hard work. This budget, does not live up to the people it is supposed to help, or who will end up paying for it.

“I voted no on the first budget and I voted no on this “second budget.”