Fasano Raises Question: “Is Gov. Malloy Backtracking?”

May 26, 2015

Hartford – Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano today raised questions about the governor’s pledge not to raise taxes in light of recent statements made by his administration. A spokesman for the governor recently stated that the governor believes “in supporting — not burdening — middle class families. We have neither proposed higher taxes on everyday households, nor do we support them.”

“These comments are noticeably different than the governor’s campaign promise,” said Fasano. “Again and again we heard Governor Malloy promise not to raise taxes, period. Now, we are starting to see a shift. Is Governor Malloy backtracking? Does the governor still oppose all tax hikes like he promised during the election? Or, does he only oppose certain tax hikes he deems to impact certain households? While the governor may wish to pick and choose which tax hikes to support or oppose, the truth is all tax increases impact middle class families. A tax on a business impacts jobs, and jobs impact everyone,” said Fasano.

Sen. Fasano pointed to a statement made by Governor Malloy during a September gubernatorial debate hosted by WFSB-TV at St Joseph University. “There won’t be a deficit and there won’t be tax increases,” Gov. Malloy said. “I’m taking that pledge when I couldn’t take it before because this is a budget that I own. And I’m willing to own it, because I know we can balance it just as we have in the past.”

“The governor pledged ‘there won’t be tax increases’ and he needs to stay true to his word,” said Fasano.