Fasano: Every Family Will Feel the Effects of Dangerous Democrat Budget

May 31, 2015

Hartford – Sen. Fasano released the following statement regarding the state budget deal announced by Democrat legislators and Governor Dannel P. Malloy early this morning.

“Despite what we have been promised, despite the rhetoric we have heard from the governor, Connecticut is putting a damper on potential for job growth and fiscal stability. This budget represents broken promises and a complete disregard for the warnings made very clear over the past few months. Connecticut cannot afford new taxes. We cannot afford to rely on questionable revenue sources like keno to keep our state running. No one wants to see people leave our state, but I fear this budget will be the last straw for many,” said Fasano.

In addition to the tax hikes, Fasano criticized the municipal tax plan included in the negotiated budget as not creating real change.

“The municipal tax plan included in this budget does not provide new relief for cities, but rather perpetuates the same old system of giving money to city halls, and not to people in our communities. Without sending funds directly into community programs, there is much that can be lost and misused in the process.”

Fasano also questioned the governor’s insistence on spending more on new charter schools despite significant opposition from lawmakers and the public.

“The only promise the governor appears to have kept in this budget is whatever loyalty he pledged to the hedge fund billionaires who backed his campaign and invested significantly in the state expansion of charter schools. Governor Malloy has ignored the voice of the people, and the voice of the legislature, on protecting our public schools. Favoring hefty funding for new charter schools in this budget at a time when our existing schools need help makes no sense. Priorities here are all wrong.

“Democrats should not feel obligated to vote for this budget. If this passes, the governor will have no choice but to veto it if he wants to save any face, make good on his campaign promises, or really do what is in the best interest of Connecticut. Without a doubt, every family in our state will feel the effects of these dangerous policy decisions. Putting job creators in a chokehold and favoring special interests over the good of the public does not create a brighter future for Connecticut.”